Microsoft Cloud Management

Published on: 18/02/21 4:22 PM

To enroll your Windows 10 device into Microsoft’s Cloud Management, click the link below and enter your Microsoft 365 email and password into the window that appears.

Click here to enroll your Windows 10 device and select Open

Enter your work email address and then password when prompted

If your password doesn’t work, get in touch with us on +618 6331 3131 or via email at

Enrolling your device into your company’s Microsoft Cloud Management system allows your company to roll out new software to your device!

Zoom | Is it secure? Should I use it?

Published on: 9/04/20 11:49 AM

Zoom is nothing new and has been around for a few years, but due to the recent virus outbreak and a larger number of people working from home than ever before, it has become quite the popular tool from scheduled meetings to Friday drinks. Because of this surge in popularity, there has been greater exposure, and with this sparks interest for hackers and bad actors alike. As such, the scrutiny has been hard and swift and inevitably questions have been raised, is Zoom secure, and should I be using it?

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Vantage Networks: An Update

Published on: 9/04/20 11:47 AM

You may have thought you’ve noticed some changes recently with Vantage Networks, new email notifications, new faces (or voices) maybe? You’d be correct and we believe it’s for the better! We’ve been working hard to provide a second to none service based on value and friendliness. This means we have invested heavily in hiring and training staff, developing new processes and products and investing in tools and software to make your service experience unforgettable, all while enabling your business to succeed. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing.

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Technology Does Not Drive Business

Published on: 28/06/18 8:04 PM

Business and technology are often intertwined, with many – if not all – business functions dependent on mechanical or computing assistance. In this “tech age 4.0” of buzz words, marketing hype, and new start-ups, many businesses I work with are eager to jump in on the next big thing. Such rapid implementations often come from a fear of missing out, or worse, a reactive response to an incident or security event. Oftentimes, the new tech is only tangentially related to their objectives and is bolted onto the business, rather than properly integrated. Further, I frequently find that decision makers and leaders are not aligning these technologies strategically with their business, now or into the future. As the old saying goes, “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” Continue reading “Technology Does Not Drive Business”

Parsing Web Data with PowerShell

Published on: 9/09/17 3:52 PM

The need for parsing web data or consuming Internet data is increasing with the move of many applications to the cloud. Driven by the thirst for data analysis and automation, parsing web data with PowerShell is relatively simple and incredibly useful. I will explain how to achieve this with pre-formatted data, in this case JSON and unformatted data, like a web page.

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Finding Items within Multiple Exchange Mailboxes

Published on: 9/08/17 8:53 PM

The Exchange Problem

The need for finding items within multiple exchange mailboxes started last week when I was presented with an interesting predicament. One of the staff members from another division in the Forsythes group was receiving calendar invites for a meeting that was no longer valid.  What was worse, the user sending them no longer worked at the company. Many system engineers would look at this problem and say “Aha! I’ know what to do”. They would then go onto talk about re-enabling the account and logging in as the user and removing the entries. The interesting predicament part was the user no longer exists in Active Directory nor does their mailbox exist! Continue reading “Finding Items within Multiple Exchange Mailboxes”

Process stuck? Terminate remotely!

Published on: 26/07/17 6:41 PM

I recently worked with a client that must have forgotten to give a sacrifice to the computer gods before coming to work. This oversight set in motion a series of unfortunate events that led to a failure of access for a database due to a stuck process. I discovered that the combination of issues which included; service loss, virtual machine console loss and remote desktop loss, made attempts to access the server and it’s application occupants futile. To make matters worse there were critical deadlines for the users of the database and users for other files on the server. The file access was not effected, so a restart of the server was out of the question. Continue reading “Process stuck? Terminate remotely!”

The Importance of Updates

Published on: 18/07/17 10:14 PM

Updates are to technology as food is to us; it’s good for you but you could survive without it for some time. After a while, however,  things start to fall apart. Software updates are important because they improve three key areas: they resolve issues like bugs, patch holes and keep any references or databases up to date. These are important to stay safe and current in a technical world.

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