Vantage Networks: An Update

You may have thought you’ve noticed some changes recently with Vantage Networks, new email notifications, new faces (or voices) maybe? You’d be correct and we believe it’s for the better! We’ve been working hard to provide a second to none service based on value and friendliness. This means we have invested heavily in hiring and training staff, developing new processes and products and investing in tools and software to make your service experience unforgettable, all while enabling your business to succeed. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing.


Late in 2019, we invested in a new Line of Business application suite and Remote Management and Monitoring tool. These tools are heavily integrated and allow for large amounts of automation of repeatable tasks. So that we can focus more on what you’re business actually needs, and not waste time on menial tasks. It also has a second added benefit for you, visibility. Although not available right now, these applications allow us to grant greater access to tickets, machines and information like never before, all from one portal. Watch for this one coming soon.

We’ve also hired a couple of new staff members who you may have already talked to or met. Courtney Cowling is one of our new Systems Engineers. Although specialising in Microsoft and Cisco, she is knowledgeable in all things IT. If Courtney doesn’t know, she’ll make it her mission to find out for you! Our second new hire is Service Desk Technician, Joshua Aylmore. Affectionately referred to as Thor, so as not to confuse with Joshua Bauer, he loves automation and customer service. Although newer to IT than the rest of us, we expect great things from him in the coming years.

Why all this change? Well, firstly because our Mission is for the success of our clients. Engaging with our clients and not getting stuck with the day to day requests and technical issues is what is required. Secondly, Vantage Networks hired Joshua Bauer in February 2019, to fill the role of Operations Manager. Joshua is a lover of strategy and driving customer change and so he was hired to take Vantage Networks to the next level in delivering beyond clients expectations and helping to make their lives easier.

If you have any questions about changes to our business or would like to review change in your business, feel free to reach out.

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