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The Vantage Networks team members are very like-minded. James, Jason, David and Saviour all got into IT for similar reasons – because they're gigantic nerds at heart who genuinely want to help our clients improve their IT function.

James Dickons, Director

Loves nothing more than a good challenge… and gadgets!

James' interest in IT was piqued at an early age with his father's early model Olivetti 286 computer. In fact, the second time James broke it he figured out how to fix it himself, and the rest is history.

A Perth-based entrepreneur, James was approached by his then-employer to purchase the business. He jumped at the opportunity to further expand the client base by positioning Vantage Networks as a responsive, customer-focussed service provider.

James' role

With over 20 years in the IT industry, James understands the ins and outs of technology. As well as managing business operations, he also strategises how to approach larger-scale or complex projects, such as office expansions and multi-party mergers.

James is always coming up with new ideas that are mutually beneficial to both Vantage Networks and our clients, such as new methods and technologies.

"I'm really proud of the Vantage Networks team and what we've achieved for our clients. Transitioning from employee to business owner was never something I thought I'd do, but I'm glad I did. I get to do what I love every day while working with great people."

Superhero power

If James could have a superhero power, he'd choose flight. Then he'd be free to explore the world and wouldn't be stuck in freeway traffic every morning.

A photo of James Dickons, Director of Vantage Networks.

A photo of Josh Bauer, Operations Manager of Vantage Networks.

Josh Bauer, Operations Manager

Creating tomorrow’s solutions today, bringing the team & clients together

The newest recruit to Vantage, Josh has wanted to change the world from his computer screen since learning BASIC on his Dad’s Commodore 64. Five years later and speaking C++, Josh was rebuilding computers in his spare time and fixing IT problems for friends - a sign of things to come!

A Perth native with 15 years industry experience, Josh brings a broad range of skills from both small through enterprise businesses and technical expertise developed on cutting edge small and large scale projects around Australia. Now, Josh is looking to bring these skills to the Vantage client base and help them blaze a trail into the future.

Josh's role

Driving improvement and change for customers, Josh is fine tuning the Vantage team to deliver on – and beyond – clients’ expectations.

A strategic planner by nature, Josh is eager to introduce his clients to technologies that integrate seamlessly with their business to help drive it forward and deliver on management’s goals.

Superhero power

If Josh could have a superhero power, he'd choose telepathy. This would help him understand what people really want, though this could be good and bad.

Jason Farrugia, IT Consultant

Enjoys building relationships with our clients to better meet their needs.

Jason has been at Vantage Networks since the beginning, having previously worked in IT for local government. He's known as the nice guy around the office. How was his interest in IT first sparked? When Jason's grandparents bought him his first Commodore 128, he started dabbling in basic programming… and playing lots of games! Seeing his graphic creations come to life as the computer read the code led Jason to discover the more technical side of IT, which he now prefers to programming.

Jason's role

As a Vantage Network IT consultant, Jason monitors systems to make sure our clients' networks are running smoothly, providing support as they need and ensuring their back-up systems are working successfully. He also researches the latest technology and anything that will improve the security and efficiency of our clients' IT set-up.

Superhero power

Jason would choose the super hero power of controlling time so he could go back and fix or improve things. Now that's a perfectionist!

A photo of Jason Farrugi, Vantage Networks IT Consultant.

A photo of David Dowse, Vantage Networks IT Consultant.

David Dowse, IT Consultant

Likes designing large network infrastructure projects from scratch

Before Vantage Networks, David worked with various IT companies in support positions. He's always had a knack and affinity for technology, having first started tinkering with his dad's work computer when he brought it home in 1988.

Back then home computers weren't common and David remembers it taking up the entire dining room table! Curious, he started learning how to fix and maintain computers and took on this role at the different schools he went to after that. It's been all things IT ever since.

David's role

One of the original Vantage Networks team members, David spends his time designing and implementing server and network infrastructure for our clients. His work also includes straightforward IT support and troubleshooting, and network maintenance to ensure everything runs at optimum functionality.

Superhero power

David would love to be omnilingual (being able to speak and understand all languages), so he wouldn't be limited in interacting with anyone from anywhere in the world. Basically, he wants to be the babel fish out of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

Saviour Kabunda, Support Consultant

Relishes the range of technologies he gets to be involved with.

Saviour joined the Vantage Networks team in February 2017, having been involved in IT for over a decade. His first experience was at university during a work placement. Saviour took part in a hardware upgrade for a school and enjoyed seeing the way everything works together within an IT network. Though it was quite challenging at the time, that's where Saviour's fascination with changing technologies started.

Saviour's role

Specialising in Cisco technologies, Saviour is tasked with liaising with clients, dealing with any IT issues as they arise, proactively preventing issues and monitoring systems.

Superhero power

Saviour wants the power to transport himself anywhere… preferably to somewhere that has good barbecue!

A photo of Saviour Kabunda, Vantage Networks IT Consultant.

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